New series: "Startup Therapy"

New series: "Startup Therapy"
OpenStax University Physics, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Startup Therapy series

As write more on this blog, I have come to the realization I thoroughly enjoy coming up with themes to coalesce my writing around.

Themes create a certain mass for my activities, reflections, and thoughts to gather around. As a result, things collect in a way they would not without the theme being present. Themes help me write.

Only because of the theme “Stories From My PhD” did I start rummaging through my email archives, saved documents, pictures, and memories. The stories are not the cause of the rummaging, they are a result of the rummaging. That series will keep going, as I have quite some stories still in the works (even though not all of them will see the light of day).

Rummaging is one of my favorite words and activities. It means to “search unsystematically and untidily through something.” I compare the experience to trying to tidy my room when I was a kid and getting stuck playing with whatever I came across (needless to say, it would take ages for my room to be clean).

I am going to start rummaging in my experiences for a new series of blog posts: the “Startup Therapy” series.

In this theme, I will explore lessons from my experiences since founding Liberate Science in 2019. Sometimes I may reflect on how running a startup has helped me work through personal problems — the startup being a form of therapy. Another is how therapy helped me in running a business. Moreover, in this series I am also happy to take questions from people thinking about running their own project, in which the startup therapy is for you!

I sort of already started the “Startup Therapy” series before, but quietly. I am committing now as I am starting to notice some lessons are becoming ingrained and obvious - writing them down can help remember it wasn’t always that obvious.